Divine Justice Tank Top

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    • 200g; 6% elastan
    • Long & Fitted
    • Front Libra Design
    • Back side Symbol
    • Satin Label Branding

      Model is 168 cm (5´6") tall and wearing size S.


      We always took interest in history and we admire ancient Egypt perhaps the most of all. This has driven us to include it in our first collection. .

      DIVINE JUSTICE stays for believe that everything that happens to us is a result of decisions we have previously made. It is the Life Rule No. 1! Bad result = bad decision. Good result = good decision. Bad relationship you´re at? Break up. Lack of money? Save more. Bad friends influence? Stay alone. There´s no room for self-pity in this perfect justice system. You want change? Make it. No one else will make it for you. Face your weaknesses and find way to overcome them. That way you´ll experience what it´s like to have your life firmly in your own hands. And that is priceless!

      Ancient egyptians believed that after death there will be Last Judgement where one’s heart will be weighed on a scale. Only if the heart is lighter then ostrich feather the deceased person may reincarnate.

      On our design a human’s heart is on a scale, luckily making its way up and allowing therefore the one who wears it to continue in eternal cycle.